Bethanie L. Dougherty (Curtis)

Last Seen April 1, 2008




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At this time, keep printing out flyers and call the police if you know anything at all about her disappearance. Thank You.


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Bethanie L Dougherty Curtis Reward Fund 

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Bethanie Dougherty, 40, is listed as missing under suspicious circumstances by the Broome County Sheriffs office from her home in Killawog, New York. Law enforcement and volunteers have searched more than 200 acres of rural land and 15 miles of road ways along with the Tioughnioga River. New York State Police helicopters have been surveying the scene from above and will continue to do so. Broome County sheriff deputies along with a police dog walked around the outside of Bethanie’s home. Bethanie a mother of three was last seen in her home around the time of 10:00pm on April 1, 2008 by her 18 year old son. She was reported missing the evening of April 2, 2008 after not being seen by anyone all day and not reporting to work.

At around 3:00am April 2, 2008 there were two calls to 911 with reports of hearing a woman screaming, from people that live near Bethanie; who would have been getting up at that time to prepare for her job at the Xtra Mart convenience store in Freeville, New York. The New York State Police responded to the calls but were unable to find any problems. All of her clothes and personal belongings were found in the house and her car was parked in the driveway. The Police have found no sign of a struggle in or near Bethanie’s home and are looking into all leads that come in regarding her disappearance.

Identifying Marks:

She has three piercings in the right ear and five piercings in the left ear. She has three tattoos one of a “vine” with flowers on the left ankle, a purple butterfly over tribal markings on lower back and three Chinese scroll type symbols on upper back between shoulder blades.

She was last seen wearing solid purple pajama top and purple pajama bottoms with designs on them. 

From the Family of Bethanie

We would like to give great thanks to everyone that came out to the benefit on Sunday. We would also like to thank everyone that has donated in anyway to the benefit. The money that has been raised will be used to help support Bethanie's three teenage children.

Facing Bethanie's disappearance has been one of the hardest things we have ever had to go through. We pray everyday that she is found safe and we will have her home with us to love and support as we always have. The  out pouring of support and help that has come our way from family, friends and the public in general has been a blessing. THANK YOU just seems like not enough and we wish that there was more we could say to show how grateful we are for all the support we have gotten and continue to receive. Remember that no act of kindness goes unnoticed or is forgotten.

The following is all of the contact information that is needed to reach the Broome County Sheriff investigating her disappearance.

Broome County
Office of the Sheriff
155 Lt. VanWinkle Drive
Binghamton, New York 13905
Office Phone number- (607) 778-1911

Lieutenant Patrick Isenburg
Office Phone number- (607) 778-2446
E-mail address- pisenburg@co.broome.ny.us

Detective Sergeant Jason Ellis
Office Phone number- (607) 778-1189
E-mail address- jellis@co.broome.ny.us



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